[WriteLog] 2 Tone

Jay WS7I ws7ik7tj at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 11:07:55 EDT 2013

Yes, sorta.

Create a link to rttyrite9.exe found in the writelog programs directory 
to your desktop.  You can now run RTTYrite as a standalone program with 
2Tone or any other modem of your choice. e.g. MMTTY, DXP38, or Dumb 
Terminal.  It won't let you clone.

Jay WS7I

On 7/19/2013 8:01 AM, JE Brown wrote:
> Is it possible to set up 2 tone to run as a stand alone program on a 
> separate pc or laptop in a receive only mode?
> So far, I have been unsucessful in doing this.
> Thanks
> Jim     W4LC

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