[WriteLog] black spot function

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Tue Nov 19 16:59:35 EST 2013

There are two primary use cases.

1. People keep making the same error in spotting a call.  

In this case, people will spot KH7D when it is really K5ZD.  You can
blacklist the call KH7D and not have to be bothered by it again.

2. A particular spotter is not accurate.

In this case, someone is spotting calls with lots of errors.  You can
eliminate call spots from that person by blacklisting their call.

Both are extremely handy on Sunday in a major DX contest when the number of
bad spots sometimes is more than the good ones!  Thanks to W5XD for recently
adding this new functionality!

Randy, k5ZD

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> I would like to have some more opinion about why using BLACK SPOT system
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