[WriteLog] Virus alert after download

Steve AI9T steve at ai9t.com
Sat Oct 5 13:22:37 EDT 2013

Hi Gerd

I just downloaded the same from the Writelog site and I'm not getting 
any alerts here. I also scanned it with my virus software and it found 
nothing. I use NOD 32 as my virus software. I think I would disable 
Norton's auto protect and download it again then install. After it's 
installed enable your Norton auto protect.


Steve AI9T


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On 10/5/2013 12:19 PM, Gerd, DF5SI wrote:
> Hi all,
> just renewed to Writelog  V11.13. After downloading the full version my
> monitor flashed "dark red" and Norton Internet Security blow out a "High
> Risk Virus Alert"  so called "Reputation 1". Norton didn't ask me and
> immediately deleted my Writelog download. I downloaded 2 times but with same
> result. The file is still isolated by Norton but what shall I do? Is there
> any risk for me to open the file? Any ideas or experience in this case?
> 73! de Gerd, YB3/DF5SI
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