[WriteLog] BandMap up/down from the keyboard -PROBLEM SOLVED!!

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sat Oct 12 02:25:44 EDT 2013


If you can find two more unused keys put the EntryGotoNextMult commands back in the shortcuts.  Then you can either go to the next mult or the next station.  Very handy to have the option to choose.  I usually go after the mults first, then start working up and down the band for the spots.  If I find a frequency that has been vacated by a station that was spotted but has since moved on I will grab it and call CQ.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: BandMap up/down from the keyboard -PROBLEM SOLVED!!
HI Guys, I am sorry I sent the note to the reflector.  I found that I read the shortcut key in the Writelog.ini wrong.

The WriteLog.INI file has the following two items:


It said "NextMult", that is, not the next spot but the next new multiplier. 

So I deleted those two entries, and went to the SETUP > SHORTCUT KEYS from the entry windows and generated the following:


This wrote these to the Writelog.ini file.  I did a save configuration, Close and then Open Writelog and now it works fine.
I guess as I get older I will need better glasses.


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