[WriteLog] K3 DVK not working

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Since you've just migrated from XP to Win7 the problem may lie in where Win7 
has parked your writelog.ini file.  Under Win7, with User Account Control 
(USC) enabled, windows creates a Virtual Store path for anything installed 
in C:\Program Files.  This Virtual Store is where your writelog.ini file 
should be located, but under the installation of WL Win7 probably placed it 
in C:\Windows.  You will need to look in the Virtual Store path and see if 
your correct writelog.ini file is located there if you have WL installed in 
C:\Program Files.  Under UAC Win7 will not allow a software program to make 
changes to the folder containing the actual program files, but instead puts 
such changes into the Virtual Store location.

The Virtual Store path name will be something like: 

Be aware that the AppData folder in this path name is a hidden folder and 
you won't see it unless you first go into the Control Panel and turn on the 
setting to show hidden files.

If you have N1MM installed differently, i.e., under C:\ and not in the 
Program Files folder, that may be why it works and WL doesn't.

Gary AL9A

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Hi Stan,

If the K3 macros worked with your previous operating system I'm sure you had
the correct modifiers in your ini file. So maybe WriteLog can't find your
ini file since you changed to Windows 7.

N1MM handles K3 macros differently so I'm not too surprised that they work
with that program.

Mike K2MK

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Going crazy. I used WriteLog control with XP with no problem with my K3. I
then switched to Windows 7 and can't get it to work. I installed all
appropriate info into the writelog.ini and messages into the program. I keep
getting the following message when I punch the F1--F4 keys.... ERROr
result-3 sending rig command (10) .... (13)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

BTW if i try N1MM it work perfectly!

Stan K8MJZ

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