[WriteLog] OQP module shows dupes in bandmap for stations worked on same band, other mode

Mike Heideman mike_heideman at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 22 16:23:34 EDT 2014

While operating in the Ontario QSO Party this past weekend I noticed that unworked stations were showing up as dupes in the bandmap if I'd worked them on the other mode on the same band.  Clicking on the spot in the bandmap results in the callsign appearing in the QSO entry window as a non-dupe.  These callsigns don't appear in the Packet Spots window even though they haven't been worked yet on the second mode on the band.

After I realized this was happening I did periodic sweeps of each band/mode, clicking on all of the duped spots in the bandmap to see if any of them were shown as false dupes.  I found a few new ones by doing this but still missed some because by the time I clicked on the spot the station was no longer there.

I don't recall this happening in other QSO parties but I probably wouldn't have noticed.  I assume that it's an issue with the Ontario QSO Party module.

-Mike, N7MH


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