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As Mike K2MK indicated you can use the General DXCC tracking log keeper 
module.  Another one to look at is the DXpedition Mode module.  Both of 
these are very similar in that they can track all bands, not just the usual 
contest bands, for CW, RTTY, SSB.  I know WL can also support PSK, but I've 
never used that mode from WL so will have to do a bit of experimentation 
prior to my first stint in June.  You can custom modify either module to add 
or delete fields in the Entry window to suit what you want.  I will probably 
set mine up to just have CALL and ST or QTH.

I would suggest you do a bit of preplanning though if you intend to operate 
more than one or two modes.  Specifically, if you think you will be doing 
both CW and RTTY you should consider how you will configure your memory 
macros.  WL shares a single bank of F key memories for both CW and RTTY. 
So, you either have to program some keys for CW and save others for RTTY, or 
try this work around I've suggested before.

Start out with one of the above modules for your overall W1AW/0 log.  Set up 
the memories for CW and SSB, if you intend to use the DVK for SSB 
operations.  Once all is functioning save it under a certain file name, such 
as W1AW_0 Master Log.  Now save it again with a different name, such as 
W1AW_0 CW.  This second log is a dummy that only exists to be the repository 
for your CW macros.  Log entries will not be made into this log, but rather 
into the Master log.

Then, in this same log, edit the CW memories and change them into RTTY 
macros.  The RTTY macros will have additional commands such as %E in them 
that the CW memories will not have.  Configure your main Rttyrite window and 
any clone windows for the RTTY mode.  Test all macros to make sure they work 
correctly.  When satisfied save this WL file out to a new different name, 
such as W1AW_0 RTTY.  Again, this is a dummy log file that only serves to 
hold the RTTY macros.

When all finished close WL and then restart it with the W1AW_0 Master Log 
file.  This will be the log that keeps all your contact entries.  Let's say 
you run for 2 hours on SSB and then take a break.  Then you come back and 
run another session on CW.  Your Master log now contains both SSB and CW 
contacts.  After another break you are scheduled to run some RTTY.  From the 
Master Log go to Setup/CW/SSB/RTTY messages... and click on Browse.  Now 
navigate to the dummy file you created earlier, W1AW_0 RTTY, and click on 
it.  WL will overlay all your CW macros with the RTTY macros from this dummy 
template.  The SSB memories will also be overlaid, but if they are all the 
same in the various logs it won't matter.

Now reconfigure the Rttyrite window to switch from CW to RTTY and also setup 
any clone windows you may want.  You are now ready to run both RTTY and SSB 
and log those QSOs into the Master log.  You can do this until you need to 
switch back to CW.  Then Browse to the W1AW_0 CW dummy log and import your 
CW macros back into the Master log, reconfigure Rttyrite for CW and you're 
ready to roll again.

At the end of you week of operations you can export all of the Master Log 
contents for all the various modes into a single adi file for your state 
coordinator to use in making the master report to ARRL.

Gary AL9A

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In preparation for operating "W1AW/0" later this summer I’d be interested in 
what contest template others have used with WriteLog to record this kind of 

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