[WriteLog] LOTW StartLogExport failed

Ned Swartz nosatisfaction at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 30 14:42:50 EDT 2014

I get StartLogExport failed when I try to export a LOTW tq8 or tq7.  I'm running 
the latest WL and TQSL software.  WriteLog appears to find my TQSL cert and it 
does create a file which has about 2k of binary info but no QSO data.

This is on a new installation on a Win 7/64 box.  WriteLog is in the C:\ 
directory running as administrator.  TQSL is in Programs (x86).

Any ideas?

Manually creating tq8 files in Win 7 is a big pain.  I'd hate to be stuck with 
that as a work-around.

Ned K1GU

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