[WriteLog] 2Tone & FSK

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Tue Aug 12 19:51:27 EDT 2014

I'm setting up for the SARTG WW RTTY contest this weekend and am trying 
something new.  I just downloaded 2Tone 14.08b and have configured WL to use 
that version to TX FSK.  Using other 2Tone versions in clone RX windows. 
I've gotten 2Tone configured to TX FSK with the MK-II and the IC-7600 except 
I notice once in a while after pressing a F key memory location 2Tone 
doesn't key up the radio and send anything.  A second press of the F key 
will then result in that message being sent twice.  It's as if the first key 
press got held up in a buffer somewhere.  Also once in a while it will send 
the F key pressed, but not recognize the %E at the end of the macro and hold 
TX until I press the ESC key.  Is anyone else seeing this with 2Tone 14.08b? 
Not sure I want to use it in the contest with this intermittent behavior.

Gary AL9A 

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