[WriteLog] Enter sends exch/QRZ?

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Mon Aug 25 15:47:02 EDT 2014


Don't get hung up on the semantics of "qrz message".  That merely means send 
whatever message you have stored in a specific F key memory location to 
follow your receipt of his exchange.  That message is rarely, if ever, 
"QRZ?".  Usually the "qrz message" will be "EE", "TU", or "TU AL9A".  If I'm 
working a big pile up, EU for example, most in the pileup will already have 
my call, either from listening or from a skimmer spot on the cluster.  In 
those cases I will usually just send a "TU" after working three or four 
calls and then send "TU AL9A".  This saves time, both mine and the other 
stations in the pile who already have my call, by not sending my call too 

The point of the "qrz message" is two fold.  First it tells the station just 
worked that I've got his information and have logged him.  Second, it tells 
others who may be waiting on frequency that I am now done working that 
station and am ready to take another call.  If no one else is on frequency 
and I am not called by another station, I just hit the Enter key again and 
WL starts sending my normal CQ message.  At no time in my "qrz message" do I 
send "QRZ" or "CQ".

Gary AL9A

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On Sun,8/24/2014 5:38 AM, Jerry Pixton wrote:
> just the qrz message!

Point of order -- what is a "qrz message," and why would we want to
automate it?

"QRZ" at the end of a contest or pileup qso is a big time waster,
because it doesn't tell prospective callers WHO you are. The RIGHT way
to end a CW QSO is "TU W6IHG"  On SSB, "thanks W6IHG," and on RTTY, TU
W6IHG CQ. In all cases, S&P callers know who you are, and you're
advertising your presence rather than concealing it. When you use "qrz,"
the good ops tune right past you.

73, Jim K9YC
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