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Welcome to the reflector and a great contest logging program!

The short answer is Yes, you can move WL widows around.  Sometimes it is a 
bit tricky getting the position and the size just the way you want.  If you 
move your mouse over the window in question near an edge or a corner the 
mouse cursor will change into a symbol that looks like a small + sign and a 
little rectangular box.  When your mouse cursor takes on this shape left 
click and drag the window to somewhere else on the desktop and release the 
mouse button.

You can drop it on the main WL desktop (docked) or on the computer desktop 
(undocked).  Keep in mind if you move it to a new position on the WL desktop 
other windows that are already "docked" will move to a new position. 
Sometimes this movement causes other windows you did not want to move to go 
off the WL desktop entirely and seemingly disappear!  Move your window to 
another position and usually the missing one(s) will return.  On some of the 
windows placing the movement cursor on a window edge will let you resize the 
window a bit so you can squeeze something else in along side.

For more complete instructions see the WL Help manual section "Arranging the 

Gary AL9A

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Hello...First time on this reflector.  My apologies if this is answered 
somewhere but I've not been able to find an answer...

Does WriteLog have the capability to move windows around?  Specifically, I 
like the entry window at the bottom of the display so I'm looking through 
the correct lens in my bifocals.  I currently use N1MM and I'm considering 
upgrading so wanted to ensure I could do this.

Bob Lee

"CW forever"

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