[WriteLog] Cut Numbers Revisited

DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Tue Jan 7 16:12:53 EST 2014

I am somewhat mystified why RTTY contesters send TOO for 599 in a RTTY 
Contest or 5NN.  Are they
saving anything (characters or time)?

I had one station in Ohio (I won't give his call) that was sending a report 
of TOO 9h.  When I asked his State
he kept repeating 9h.  Finally he sends OHIO.  This was the RTTY RU contest.

I looked him up on QRZ and dropped him an e-mail and mentioned (politely) 
that a 9h was a little confusing
and that he may not be aware that he was sending CUT numbers.  I suggested 
he check his program (I suspect
he was using N1MM and had a box checked to send CUT numbers).  He replied in 
an e-mail "OK".

I was just about ready to send him a NIL (Not in Log) response in the 
contest when he sent me OHIO.  Nobody
should have to spend time when running or S&Ping to try to figure out what 
somebody is sending.  It breaks
the rhythm in a contest and slows things down.  I guess I'll just have to 
learn that OH is 9h.  Duh!!!!!  I wonder
what the CUT number is for FL or AL or LA, etc, etc?

It would be great if all of these hotshot ops would drop the cut numbers and 
send just plain English.



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