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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Tue Jan 14 15:35:57 EST 2014


You don't mention which WL module you are using to log your W1AW/n QSOs, but 
I suspect it isn't the DXpedition mode module.  That module has the Cabrillo 
export option grayed out, as it isn't really intended to be "contest" 
module, but more of a general logger.  As a consequence there is no ability 
to create a Cabrillo.  Since you have created a Cabrillo you must be using 
some other module, although I'm perplexed as to why your Cabrillo export 
excluded the 'D' or dupe entries.  Duplicates do appear in the Cabrillo log, 
minus the 'D' indicator, so that the scoring robot can get all the records 
and then it will decide which ones are dupes or not.  You may not have seen 
the 'D' flag on your dupes in the Cabrillo, but I bet if you go back and 
look carefully at the file you will find that those records are indeed 

Keep in mind that WL is a contest logger and flagging dupes is in its DNA. 
That's one of the main things it does.  I am using the DXpedition mode 
module to log my CW contacts with various stations working the ARRL 
Centennial for points.  I'm doing that because I am used to using it in the 
CW mode and it is a much better logger for this purpose than my general 
logger or even CW Type.  (I've found CW Type to problematic.  When hand 
typing in a call, if I only get a partial and send that partial back to get 
the fill on the missing character(s), CW Type jumps the cursor out of the 
Call entry box to the main text window for me to send more characters by 
hand typing.  I don't want it to do that, just leave the cursor in the Call 
box until I can get the rest of the call filled info from the fill , but 
haven't found a way to control that yet.)  Other reasons for using the 
DXpedition mode module is Rttyrite is a much better CW decoder than CW Get 
and it lets you log the WARC bands which are normally not allowed in regular 
contests.  If you log a non-contest band in some other WL module you will 
get a big red 'B' after the call telling you that you are "Out of Band".

So, my suggestion is to use the DXpedition module for logging the W1W/n 
stations.  There will be lots of them on over the course of the next year 
from various states using the same call, so just get used to the 'D' 
indicator and ignore it.  It doesn't matter!  After I've logged several 
calls for a given date I export them to an adi file and then import them 
into my general logger.  Then I upload that adi to TQSL for LOTW and keep 
track of my QSLs, etc. in the general logger.  Then the next time I go back 
into the DXpedition module I just highlight and delete all the log entries 
from my last use and start over with a new clean log.  Since I have the 
previous QSOs in my general logger there is no need to keep them in the WL 
log any longer.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] Duplicate qso in log

I am starting to work the w1aw/x stations.

I have qsos with w1aw/4 in NC and now when I logged a qso with w1aw/4 in
SC, Writelog marks the contact with a big D.

I noticed after the RU, when I got almost two hundred big Ds because of
my network mistake, that those contacts got dropped out of the Cabrillo
logs. Which is good but it bothers me as almost every contest I end up
with one or two qso where I log the station twice during the exchange
and usually the line with the D has the correct info.

So my question is: How do I get rid of the D? And when I export to the
LOTW format is that D qso going to disappear like it seems to for
Cabrillo export????? We are going to have lots of these stations with
the same calls but in different states this year.

Jerry, W6IHG

Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs
jpixton at shentel.net

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