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This may work (taken from N1MM documentation).

The solution to this is to open Device Manager, expand the section on Universal Serial Bus controllers, and then for each and every entry labeled either "Generic USB Hub" or "USB Root Hub", open its Properties dialog window, select the Power Management tab, and uncheck the check box called "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". 
Rich AA9L


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Subject: [WriteLog] logiteck k6000 bluethoot mini keyboard
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To Don AA5AU

Hello Don

As you know I have the same keyboard as you have.

But It loose is connection with the computer very often ( every half hour almost ).

My desktop computer does'nt have a bluethoot sytem so I bought a bluethoot USB adaptor and installed the software.


Would you have an idea of what happend 

Gilles   VE2LX



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