[WriteLog] Fw: CQ 160M CW Contest - prefill exchange file

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Mon Jan 20 12:36:10 EST 2014

This morning Cort K4WI informed me he had a problem with the CQ 160M contest 
prefill file, namely it doesn't work!  Traced the problem to a single letter 
typo in the header section.  The last line of the header is <EOR> when it 
should be <EOH>.  If you have already downloaded the file you can either 
edit it yourself with a text editor or just click on the link and download 
the file again.  I have made the correction on the Dropbox file so any 
downloads from this point on will have the corrected file that works as 
expected.  Sorry for the fat fingers!

Gary AL9A

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This next weekend is the CQ 160M CW Contest.  The link below allows a 
Dropbox download of the call history prefill exchange file for this contest. 
This history file is a merge of past CQ 160M contestants, both CW and SSB. 
The file contains 4,231 unique US/VE calls with their associated 


Gary AL9A
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