[WriteLog] : MMTTY separate temporary from WRITELOG

G rigel001 at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 21 15:41:23 EST 2014




You have two interface - RB advantage = rtty mode and others and your cheap
interface do the CW MODE.

But in both case before to pass from one mode to the other you have to close
and change WL  configuration or switching between different ini files.

Your answer pse here .


As mentioned I have the RIGBLASTER PRO who does the same thing ( rtty on a
port and CW on another )

What I am trying to do with WL is running on all bands looking for DX
station and passing from a mode to the other but rapidely.


I tried the multi ini files ( AL9A ) & it works but I continue my search for
a little faster change.


>>> I built an inexpensive keying interface for CW keying so use a separate
COM port for CW. Rigblaster advantage does the rest. <<< ((( is that mean
you have 2 interfaces - one for CW PTT & on for RTTY - on two different com
port ??? )))



This way I have Writelog ready to work CW or RTTY without having to change
anything. I minimize the RTTY screen ((( that mean in WL you open a new
clone window ???))) until I need it.







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