[WriteLog] Writelog Upgrade v11.18c: Changed 'SendCalExchangeKey' to '2'

jmaass at k8nd.com jmaass at k8nd.com
Mon Jan 27 04:39:41 EST 2014

Just prior to the CQWW 160-Meter CW Contest, I upgraded the PJ2T computers from v11.14 to v11.18c. 
 At the beginning of the contest, we discovered that pressing the 'Ins" key did not send the callsign and report we expected (in message F10), but instead was sending the message in 'F2'. Likewise when 'Enter sends exchg/QRZ' is set, the incorrect message is sent. 
 Following the upgrade, 'SendCallExchange Key' in writelog.ini was set to '2', and should have remained at '10'. 
 This happened with the PJ2T contest log (prepared before the upgrade) and we found/fixed it in the first few minutes of the contest. After the contest, I discovered that when I loaded my existing PJ2/K8ND log (also prepared/used before the contest) the problem *returned*, with the value of 'SendCallExchange Key' set back to '2'!
 Can someone explain this behavior? It would be bad for every team configuring a log to have to change this value each time. 
 73,  Jeff PJ2/K8ND


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