[WriteLog] Prefill Files - a warning

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Mar 5 15:08:41 EST 2014


To change from Insert to Overstrike go to Contest/Exchange Format Setup... 
In the Edit QSO Exchange Fields look down the left most column of field 
names to find the one you want.  In the ARRL DX Contest that will be QTH. 
Click on the QTH field name and examine the attributes that have been setup 
for this field.  Click on the box preceding 'Overstrike: Overstrike rather 
than insert characters', then click on OK.

Now setup using a prefill file for this module and make an entry in the CALL 
field.  When the QTH field is populated from the prefill file make a change 
to it by typing in something different and you will see you are now in 
Overstrike mode rather than Insert.  I never thought of this before but Alan 
has a very clever idea on how to fix prefill error problems!  This will work 
best with a fixed length field such as QTH that always needs 2 characters, 
but will also work for a longer field as long as the new characters being 
typed in exceed the number of prefill characters so they are all 
overwritten.  Otherwise you will still have to delete the left over extra 

When satisfied that this works Save the file and do a Save Configuration. 
That will retain your settings for the duration of this contest.  However, 
when you use this module to start a new contest, you will have to again edit 
the exchange field attributes to make Overstrike the option instead of 

Gary AL9A

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I couldnt get mine to overtype, all it ever did was insert...Is there a
setting somewhere I missed?

73 Darren G0TSM / M7X

On 05/03/2014 15:48, Alan Marshall wrote:
> I find that the prefill is best used if you change the field that is 
> "prefilled" to be OVERTYPE rather than insert.  Then no deletes are needed 
> and you can run just like you do with NO prefill.  When you forget that it 
> is prefilled and don't see it in the heat of the battle you are 
> good-to-go!
>    -Alan, W1CCE

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