[WriteLog] Band Map problems

Ken Eigsti diverken at chaffee.net
Tue Nov 4 21:02:21 EST 2014

I just recently reconnected my IC 756pro3 to the Dell laptop (Win 7 and WL
11.18)where it had been for several years, working just fine.

At first no band map or rig control freq. indication. There was no
indication of the band or freq from the radio on the band map.  I solved
that with a firmware download from Bandmaster III. Now the correct CI-V
address is recognized by WL and Bandmaster , and the band map appears
indicating the correct freq..

However, the band map frequency takes about 5-7 seconds to follow the VFO.
Same when I change bands,,, takes about that time to follow on the band map
going from one band to another.

Any ideas what is causing this 5-7 sec. delay of data from the rig to the
band map?

73 Ken W0LSD

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