[WriteLog] Band map problems IC 756pro3

Ken Eigsti diverken at chaffee.net
Thu Nov 6 17:21:45 EST 2014

It is a good thing I wasn't charging myself by the hour for labor!!!

Thanks for all the suggestions and the solution was kind of by accident.

I have two IC756pro3 radios. (Networked for M/S or SO2R)To make a long
story short, one was back from the shop where there was a hard reset done
and it was put in its place in my shack.

Accordingly the CI-V address is suppose to be 6Eh for a 756pro3 which is
where I set both radios.  For some reason I remembered that there was a 50h
address floating around, maybe for one of the radios? I changed the address
on the radio with the band map problem, from 6Eh to 50h and it works
great.  Not sure why 1 radio has 6Eh and the other identical radio has 50h,
but that is what it takes to make it work. Band map now functions as it

Thanks again for the suggestions

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