[WriteLog] WL and SS

Eric Rosenberg ericrosenberg.dc at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 09:55:17 EST 2014

I used the latest WL this weekend. The frequency jumping issue with my
Orion is gone (thanks, Wayne!), but I ran into a few unrelated issues, most
likely operator error, that I couldn't figure out. I've been off the air
since the ARRL DX contest in February, and am just catching up.

I couldn't change the sequence when entering an exchange after clicking on
a spot. When I tabbed, it went from Call to #, then P, then call (again),
then ck and section. Why wouldn't it skip over the call, which was already

When I tuned off frequency with a call in the entry field, having NOT made
the Q, shouldn't the field be wiped clear?

Can I vary the span of the band map so I can see the entire band (or not,
if it's crowded)?

Finally, the band map when following the radio, not adding spots, was quite
sluggish, lagging behind.Is that a result of having the polling interval to
the radio too fast?

Other than my pilot errors, qll was well. Again, Thanks to Wayne for fixing
the Orion frequency jumping issue early this year.

73, Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

rig: Orion 565 and MicroHam MK2

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