[WriteLog] SO2R Controller & Serial Ports & CW PTT

Victor A. Kean, Jr. vkean at k1lt.com
Mon Nov 24 11:25:10 EST 2014

I am attempting to set up an SO2Rduino which is controlled via a serial port (over USB).

Ignore the Arduino part of this configuration.  My question is how to make Writelog
put the PTT signal on the RTS circuit of the serial port used to control the SO2R box.
The DTR circuit has a proper CW keying signal.

If Writelog does not support sending PTT to the SO2R box via the serial port, how
does one get the PTT signal?

Prior to trying to configure SO2R, I had Writelog configured to send PTT and CW keying
over the serial cable to my K3.

Victor, K1LT

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