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Jim jimw7ry at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 14:06:30 EST 2014

I do this exact thing.... 1 computer, one keyboard, two radios running SO2R on RTTY. (But I run SO2R Single operator). First suggestion, read, read, and read more, then configure and test, configure and test and configure and test.

If you don’t take/make  the time to figure it out, and now how it works, you wont be able to fix it when it doesn't work. It’s like anything else, it’s a learning curve.

A days of reading and note taking, and searching with Google will get you rally close.

In multi op, it’s better to use 2 separate computers because  a second op can work mults on another band. A second op position is a necessity so they can just sit and DIG for mults. 

lots of info here: http://www.cqww.com/rules_faq.htm

Jim W7RY

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As a newbie to N1MM (either flavor), I'm seeking advice on how to configure Plus for a multi-op with one chair in front of an SO2R station with one computer - just a few ops sharing a capable, single-position station. The program seems to understand two networked stations, one designated Run and the other designated Mult, but my station isn't set up that way. At issue is tracking the 10-minute rule which, in our case, needs to be per-radio instead of per-computer. Any suggestions?


/Rick N6XI


Posted by: Rick Tavan <rick at tavan.com> 

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