[WriteLog] WL and RIGblaster Advantage?

Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Thu Nov 27 08:43:26 EST 2014

Hi all,


Ray N6HE here. I'm considering using a RIGblaster Advantage interface unit
(has its own sound card accessed through USB) but as we know, WL doesn't key
CW or FSK through the rig control RS232 connection. I have CW OUT as COM1,
RIG CNTRL as COM2, and (RTTYrite) FSK KEY as COM3; all are dedicated DB9
RS232 "hard ports" from my computer (and laptop when I operate portable).
The RIGblaster Advantage only uses 1 COM port for all 3 (the DTR line puts
out CW keying OR RTTY FSK - depending on mode used) and I'm thinking that
this unit won't work with WL. 


My question to the group: has anyone here hooked up the RIGblaster Advantage
interface unit with WL for FSK RTTY?


Thanks for any help, 73,

Ray N6HE




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