[WriteLog] Point-and-click vs using the keyboard

Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Wed Oct 1 17:57:45 EDT 2014

Hi all, I just posted this to the rttycontesting group and am repeating it
here for WL users in case this is new info:


To add my 2 cents worth to this discussion:

I use Writelog and on RTTY - one radio - I'm completely point-and click via
a separate program called FKeys. Been using it for years. It's my perfect
solution to RTTY contesting data entry and logging. See
http://www.kregli.com/fkeys.htm . 

This is a program that starts after WL is running and has little on-screen
boxes  to be clicked on in a separate window and each box can be mapped to a
WL message - usually accessed by the keyboard's function keys. In addition,
other common WL functions like send spot, save, enter, clear QSO entry info,
save RTTYrite, etc. can be activated by clicking on a create-it-yourself
clickable box  - and you can make them any size as well and label them as
you wish.

Using this program, I literally never touch pencil or paper, and use the
keyboard only for corrections.

See you in the next one,

Ray N6HE


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