[WriteLog] ADIF export includes bonus (unclaimed?) QSOs

Mike Heideman mike_heideman at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 6 12:45:26 EDT 2014

I just exported the ADIF file for the W1AW/6 effort in the California QSO Party from W6YX and noticed that there were 3 QSOs in the ADIF file with times about 10 minutes before the contest started.

I just checked the Cabrillo file that I created before leaving the W6YX shack and it does not have these 3 extra QSOs.  I don't have the WL file and a copy of WriteLog available at home so I can't investigate further without returning to W6YX.

I suspect that one of our operators accidentally logged these 3 stations while warming up a frequency with the W6YX callsign and that they were probably marked as unclaimed.

Is there a way of preventing unclaimed QSOs from being exported into the ADIF file?  These are often mistakes that can't be deleted during the contest when operating with networked computers.

-Mike, N7MH


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