[WriteLog] General DXCC and Tracking Template; adding State to field

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
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When you go into Contest/Exchange Format Setup... and click on Insert to add 
a new field you must go up to the blank box at the top of the window labeled 
'Caption' and type in your field name.  Since it will be for the State I 
would enter it as ST, only two characters wide to take the state 
abbreviation.  I would also check the Overstrike box.  This means there is 
no Insert in this field, you can only overtype any entry.  Makes for quicker 
edits.  Once the new field is created use the Move Up/Down buttons to place 
it in the correct spot you want.

Gary AL9A

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Hi guys, I am the one going to setup our club PC's for the W1AW/0 from
Missouri this week.
Our club station is W0MA and they want to add State to the input fields on
the General DXCC & Tracking Template.  I know we don't need state.  We are
using that one as it allows up to log WARC band QSO's.

I tried following the on-line Help but I am doing something wrong as it
puts a blank instead of the field name "State".  I know I have done this

Joe K0BX
Soon to be W1AW/0


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