[WriteLog] Telnet ?

Jim Iori NU4Y at comcast.net
Fri Oct 24 10:51:19 EDT 2014

I have 2 computers running Win7. 
Using as Multi-single. 
Writelog V 11.14B 
Everything up and running, freq. and logs move as supposed to from 
one machine to the other. 
I can connect on Telnet to Cluster, with either machine, or even both 
using 2 different calls. 
but cannot connect via network with only 1 telnet connection. 
If I try from either machine I get. 
Failed to Connect to Remote Node. 
I am missing something ????   Only have a 1m wifi connection down here. 
don't want 2 seperate telnet connections running. 
Any sugguestions.  Network up and running etc. etc. 
Thanks Jim @ VP5DX 

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