[WriteLog] WriteLog 11.22 released AND a special sale...

Steve Woodruff steve at n9oh.com
Thu Sep 18 12:14:39 EDT 2014

Hi Folks,

WriteLog version 11.22 is a free upgrade for anyone who
has purchased the full version of WriteLog since Sept 2013.
This excludes the "Newbie" version, which does not
include any free upgrades.  If you are running an earlier
version, go here to purchase a new registration code:

We accept PayPal online and you can pay with PayPal using a
credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.


We are now accepting bitcoin as payment for WriteLog as well! 
We are accepting bitcoin at the limited time promotional price of 
USD $15 through September 30 (converted to bitcoin at today’s
exchange rate).   That’s half off, folks — but only if you pay with
bitcoin, and only if you buy before Sept 30th!  

WriteLog 11.22 includes the following new features/fixes:

* Radio/Antenna to this azimuth notices if the CALL is a number from 
  0 through 359 (instead of an azimuth lookup for the CALL from cty.dat).
* Add Lousiana QSO Party
* Add SendCustomRigCommand to automation interface
* HADX rules changes for 2015
* Fix scoring of ARRL VHF rover logs. (Rovers get mults per contest not per grid of operation)

The latest software can be downloaded here:


Steve N9OH & Wayne W5XD        

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