[WriteLog] Bandmap and Timed CQ issues

Michael Gulbranson via WriteLog writelog at contesting.com
Mon Sep 29 07:21:29 EDT 2014



I experienced an issue with timed CQ and trying to cancel using the ESC key.
This is what happens.  I can cancel the CQ shortly after initiating a timed
CQ using the ESC key.  However, if I am doing a timed CQ for 2-3 minutes or
so, I cannot cancel the CQ using the ESC key. The quick way to stop the CQ
is to toggle the focus to the other rig. 


I have two rigs connected but I was not operating SO2R.


Issue with Bandmap has to do with what appears to be a WL slow response with
the bandmap update anytime I am tuning up/down the bands.  Is there any way
to improve(reduce)bandmap update response time?   




Any ideas?  






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