[WriteLog] Another issue

K2MK k2mk at comcast.net
Mon Sep 29 14:50:07 EDT 2014

Hi Don,

I've had this happen before but I never put any thought into why it 
happened. I assumed it was a WriteLog peculiarity. The replies to your post, 
however, have explained it perfectly. My K3 responds well to QSX information 
in posts. The K3 will go into split with VFO B set to the QSX frequency. I'm 
sure if the QSX frequency was on another band the K3 would faithfully follow 
it and end up transmitting on the wrong band.

Mike K2MK


Today I've been plagued by another issue while running WriteLog in CQWW 

On occasion, a station will show up on the bandmap in Yellow which means 
it's a
multiplier. But on occasion the station in Yellow is
not a multiplier. When I click on the call (I'm single band 15 meters), the
radio goes into split and the transmit VFO gets put on
10 meters.

The station spotted is definitely on 15 meters and they are not a 
for me.

Any ideas?

73, Don AA5AU 

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