[WriteLog] Contest web submission and Super Check Partial

Stu Phillips stu at k6tu.net
Sun Apr 5 17:56:37 EDT 2015

After entering EA RTTY 2015 this weekend, I found that the rules now require log submission via a web form and file upload - so adding another contest sponsor who has removed email log submission.

Removing the email submission path is the prerogative of a contest sponsor but it removes one of the thought prompts to send the log for incorporation into the Super Check Partial database generation.

Contests that require a web form as the only acceptable form of submission are noticeably under represented in the pool of logs submitted to SCP.

So a friendly reminder (especially to fellow RTTY contesters), please remember to email your logs to logs at supercheckpartial.com<mailto:logs at supercheckpartial.com> after you have submitted your log to the sponsor (irregardless of submission path!).

Stu K6TU

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