[WriteLog] GRITTY working with WL?

Edward H Russell ehr at qrv.com
Wed Apr 8 10:33:37 EDT 2015

Wish there was, but there isn't a UI in GRITTY that would allow tighter
integration. The paste is not too bad.

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It needs to work similarly to RITTY and MTTY (with plugin) to be really
useful. No cut/paste.

It probably needs to work as a "clone" so we could use it as rx and

On a different reflector, someone said that N1MM has incorporated it as an

Jerry W4UK

At 07:23 AM 4/8/2015, Edward H Russell wrote:
>With WL set up to run MTTY over DAX channel 1, open Gritty and set its 
>input to the same channel. Callsigns are decoded to the clipboard for 
>pasting into WL.
>73 ED W2RF
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>Anybody got Alex's new RTTY demodulator working with Writelog?
>See: <http://dxatlas.com/Gritty/>http://dxatlas.com/Gritty/
>Jerry W4UK
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