[WriteLog] JIDX CW (outside JA) module bug

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Apr 12 13:50:40 EDT 2015

Despite the utterly deplorable band conditions this weekend I participated a 
bit in the JIDX CW contest using the JIDX CW module for outside of JA.  In 
this contest the only "good" ones are JA stations.  A couple of times when I 
was calling CQ I was called by non-JA stations.  Despite knowing they would 
not be good contacts for the contest I decided to work them anyway in case 
they were desperate for an AK CW QSO.

Much to my surprise, when I logged them WL credited them with 1 point and 
incremented the score upward!  One contact was on 15M, the other on 20M. 
When I saw that I right clicked on the calls and then selected Mark QSO as 
Unclaimed.  This immediately decremented the scores from both these QSOs and 
will prevent them from being included in the Cabrillo file.  Has anyone else 
noticed this behavior with the JIDX CW module?  From my limited observations 
it appears there is a bug in the scoring algorithm that should be corrected.

Gary AL9A 

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