[WriteLog] Problem with port and FSK

W5XB w5xb at att.net
Mon Apr 20 17:31:12 EDT 2015

Obtained an new Asus U7 sound card (192Khz sampling). I haven't used my
RigBlaster Plus for a while. Got it going, except for this:

When I use xmit.ocx for 2Tone, I select comm 1 for the RigBlaster, FSK is
also turned on and cannot be turned off...sound card doesn't work. AFSK is
selected in 2Tone. Check 2Tone.ini  ... FSK=none

When I select Rttyrite and select comm 1, FSK is NOT turned on. Sound card
and RigBlaster work as expected.

I have inspected writelog.ini while using xmit.ocx finding that FSK=0 

Looking for ideas, short of removing and re-installing WriteLog.

tnx es 73s Grant, W5XB

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