[WriteLog] Packet spots on multiple computers.

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Mon Feb 9 21:31:24 EST 2015

I am sure that this is the correct answer as several responded with the same
however I am unable to get it to work.  Writelog is linked on each computer
and QSO's entered on one computer show up on the other.  I have VE7CC
running on one computer (named: W4AAA) with the telnet set to 127.0.01 and
spots show up in the packet window. On the other computer (named: KK9A) I
selected file, local network and typed W4AAA and I get "failed to connect to
remote node".  I tried upper and lower case letters and I also tried
entering the IP address in this field and none were successful.  I even
copied W4AAA from the link to network field and pasted it in the packet
local network field. I then tried reversing it, running the cluster on the
KK9A computer and connecting with the W4AAA computer and it still failed. If
it matters both computers are running XP Pro.

John KK9A

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In the File menu of the Packet window, select Local Network and insert the
name of the WriteLog computer with VE7CC running.


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I have the VE7CC cluster software on one computer and I can connect to it
using the Writelog telnet on the same computer.  I have a second shack
computer that is networked, how do I connect the telnet to see these

John KK9A

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