[WriteLog] Antenna to __ Azimuth?

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Tue Feb 10 23:41:58 EST 2015


I never used the Alt+A command as it requires two keys to do it.  I created 
a keyboard shortcut by programing the Grave key, that's the one just to the 
left of the number 1 key - `, so that I can turn the antenna with a single 
key press based upon the call in the Entry window.  The shortcut command is 

Also the latest WL version, 11.24J, contains a new feature for antenna 
azimuth.  If the call field is empty just type in a number less than 360 and 
hit Enter.  WL will begin turning the antenna to that direction without 
needing a call in the CALL field.  Great feature when doing S&P and only get 
a partial or marginal copy on the call, but enough to recognize the general 
direction of where the beam should be pointed.

Gary AL9A

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What happened to the ALT-A to turn the Antenna?
I tried to add it back in the Keyboard Shortcuts, but did not find a command 
for it.

I'm sure it's simple, but I can't remember how to get it back....



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