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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Feb 11 15:07:44 EST 2015

Hi Rod,

I'm a bit confused by your statement that "The cw decoder quit working". 
What decoder?  WL does CW decoding via the Rttyrite window.  Is it the 
Rttyrite window that is not decoding?

A component part of Rttyrite is a smaller window called "WriteLog CW 
Receiver" that has two vertical bars and shows 750 Hz of bandwidth.  The 
short vertical bar is fixed at the center of the window, while the longer 
vertical bar shows your CW tone.  When receiving CW the waveform displays in 
this window and moving the VFO will allow you to zero beat the signal. 
There are also settings for min and max speed settings to decode.  Is this 
the window you are talking about?  Is the window visible, but no wave form 
displays?  What are the min and max settings?  This window is a function of 
the settings in your Rttyrite window so it would be helpful to know what 
those are?

Or, are you talking about the Window/CW Display window which is a 
multi-channel decoder?  This windows decodes multiple channels, I think up 
to six channels.  It also has a small vertical window with a small 
horizontal bar in the window center.  I never use this one, but I think this 
small window also shows incoming wave form.  I doubt this is the window you 
are trying to use, but am not certain.

Gary AL9A

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The cw decoder quit working.  Using it as a audio panadapter  helps to zero
beat.  What WL file has this function?  Any  suggestions?


Rod W7OM

PS:  Windows 7, MicroHAM Keyer II to FT-1000MP  WL  11.24J
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