[WriteLog] %Mxx macro discovery

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Sat Feb 21 10:31:03 EST 2015


After investigation as to why my use of the %Mxx macro to chain a couple 
of messages was not working in the last contest using 11.24H, here is 
what I discovered.

The cw messages seem to occupy the usual space of 2 to 11 for unshifted 
function keys and 22 to 31 for shifted function keys. The new rtty 
messages occupy the space of 42 to 51 for unshifted and 62 to 71 for 
shifted function keys. So %M63 would call the rtty message for Shift+F3 
whereas %M23 used to call that message.

So if you use this macro with wl11.24 you might want to make some changes.

Jerry, W6IHG

Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs
jpixton at shentel.net

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