[WriteLog] Blacklisting packet spots proved to be helpful

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Mon Feb 23 14:21:37 EST 2015


If you actually worked the blacklisted call, and actually copied the call
(not relying on the spot), then why delete it?  Highlighting (or hiding) a
potential bogus call is useful, but if he is really QRV, then I see no
problem with working and logging him.

Working stations not in the contest count. Nothing wrong with that. In
fact, it should be encouraged in a friendly way so they eventually get
involved too. I worked several JAs and some other DX even though I'm in
KH6. They don't count in my official entry, but kept them in the log when I
sent it in to LoTW.

The worst thing you could do is remove a valid QSO which causes a penalty
for the other poor guy.

BTW, that brings up a "bug" in WL. It won't let me log a QSO that isn't in
the official mult list. I should be able to log anything I want.  A warning
is fine, but don't block my ability to log a QSO just because the software
thinks it isn't valid. That's unacceptable. I had to make an ALT-N note for
each one and then manually re-enter them in the Cabrillo.

73, Alan  AD6E / KH6TU

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> This might not be the intended function for the recent addition of the
> blacklisting option in the packet spots window. During the DX contest I
> frequently jumped on spots for stations that I had worked but that got
> relisted as unworked in a truncated version by the skimmer servers. For
> example, 5B/RN3QO would be spotted as RN3QO. Similarly 4O/E77W, F/G4BJM,
> etc.. By blacklisting RN3QO, etc. those spots would appear in a gray
> highlighted italic text style. I could have also chosen to hide blacklisted
> spots and they wouldn't be visible at all. And blacklisting is very simple
> with a simple right click.
> This is also very helpful for the occasional station that is calling CQ but
> is not in the contest and for calls that come up busted on a regular basis.
> I planned on deleting the blacklisted calls after the contest but I saw
> that
> the blacklisting does not carry over to other contest modules. I guess the
> data is saved in the contest in which it was entered. This seems like a
> good
> thing.
> 73,
> Mike K2MK

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