[WriteLog] NAQP RTTY contest exchange prefill file

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Tue Feb 24 15:58:40 EST 2015

Next Saturday will see the NAQP RTTY contest kick off for its 12 hour 
operation.  For those interested in a exchange prefill file the link below 
will allow you to download my latest update.  The prefill adi file now 
contains 5,573 unique calls from participants in all three NAQP contests - 

I have chosen to include all three NAQP contest modes in a single file as it 
greatly simplifies maintaining one all inclusive file rather than three 
separate mode specific files.  If you operate in more than one mode in the 
NAQP contests, you are only in the file one time with the information you 
used in the last contest regardless of mode.  For those who change names 
used in the contest and/or QTH locations your info may not be current for 
this contest.  There is no way I can anticipate what name or location will 
be used in this contest for over 5,000 different operators!  Consequently, 
as I always caution, check what the prefill file loads into WriteLog and 
verify the exchange information before logging the QSO.  If there is a 
discrepancy the deciding vote is what you copy over the air.


Gary AL9A 

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