[WriteLog] NAQP prefill file

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Jan 7 23:45:27 EST 2015

This weekend will see the NAQP CW contest active.  For those interested I
have included a link to download my latest NAQP prefill history file.  It
now contains 4,931 calls representing participants from all three contests -
CW, SSB and RTTY.  I decided to combine all the various modes into a single
file because so many operators participate in a variety of modes it is
redundant to maintain three separate data files.

As always, be sure to verify the information contained in the prefill
exchange file is accurate before you log the QSO and move on to the next
one.  As a tip you may want to go to Contest/Exchange Format Setup... and
modify the behavior of the Name and QTH fields by checking the Overstrike
option.  Then if the prefill data is in error I find it is easier to
overtype the prefilled text rather than have the cursor insert the new stuff
and then have to delete the erroneous part.

The prefill file may be downloaded at:


If you are new to using a prefill file within WriteLog the following link
will download a brief instruction guide:


Recently Dropbox locked out some of the links to my files because of a
potential vulnerability issue with files that contained a URL link.  I think
these issues have all now been corrected, but if you have a problem with the
download links please let me know.

Gary AL9A 

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