[WriteLog] P49X Prefill file & Message Info for ARRLRTTYRoundup today

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Thu Jan 8 02:02:38 EST 2015

On Wed,1/7/2015 1:14 PM, Radio K0HB wrote:
> At its' core, Radiosport contesting is intended to measure and reward your individual skills as a radioman.

Wrong!  It measures you station, your QTH (try being in the hunt for any 
CQ or ARRL DX contest from Zone 3 or from a city lot or a suburb with 
CC&Rs), and yes, your skills. Your station can be anything from a wire 
in the attic to multiple towers with stacks on those towers. Scoring 
rules for virtually all DX contests from NA sponsors favor those very 
close to the Atlantic basin by a factor of at least 10:1. Why are 
contests won from QTHs like EA8, PJ4, and P4? It's all due to scoring 
rules -- they count as different continents, and are located to easily 
work EU and NA. And that's only geography! Put the best operator in the 
world on a city lot, or at a super-station around San Francisco, and 
he's not going to be in the hunt.

Contesting scoring rules are badly broken, and discourage those outside 
the favored areas from participating. VKs and ZLs are as easy for me to 
work as EU is for those around the Atlantic, but I work a lot fewer of 
them than I work EU stations, who are more difficult to work because 
they're over the North Pole from my QTH near San Francisco. Like me, 
they are simply not in the hunt.

73, Jim K9YC

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