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Ed Muns ed at w0yk.com
Thu Jan 8 09:54:28 EST 2015

How many of the "SO2R guys" who "push you down in the standings" are
operating from a "small city lot . 1 trapped beam, 1 homebrew short 160m
vert. and a very low 80m inv. V"?  Most SO2R operators have already created
significant advantages with their station location and antennas, etc.  How
many SO2R operators out score you from identical stations in identical
locations?  That will tell you how severely tilted the playing field is due
to SO2R.


Of course, a skilled SO2R operator will likely outscore a skilled SO1R
operator in identical locations with identical propagation and identical
antennas.  But the extent of this advantage is smaller than the advantages
gained from all the other qualifiers in that sentence.  Most SO2R operators
have already gained significant advantage by optimizing other aspects of
their station and location.


By the way, for anyone wanting to improve their SO2R skills, spend plenty of
time in RTTY contests.  SO2R is much easier because the operator is freed
from copying and can therefore apply his attention to perfecting all the
other skills needed to effectively manage two or more QSO streams on
different bands.  The potential score advantage of SO2R in RTTY is also much
higher than in CW or SSB, but the SO2R skills developed in RTTY are mostly
applicable to the other modes.  My CW SO2R skills improved much faster once
I started doing RTTY contesting.


Also, SO2R skills can be developed in any SO1R station that has a radio with
a reasonable second receiver.  This is so-called SO2V.  It is even more
challenging than SO2R because you can not listen to another frequency on the
same band (usually) while transmitting.


Finally, don't underestimate the skill it takes to operate SO2R such that it
actually is an advantage.  My scores were lower due to SO2R for many, many
contests.  To the extent that SO2R is an advantage for me today it is
because I invested thousands of hours struggling to learn it.







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I disagree here....and Ed we have spoken in the past on this.


I have a small city lot...1 trapped beam,1 homebrew short 160m vert. and a
very low 80m inv. V and usually score pretty well in the contests and am
always pushed down in the standings by the SO2R guys.


My question is...How does one win anything if they do not choose to run


If 2 ops had the best identical  locations...stacks of antennas etc...and 1
op used 1 rig at a time in a contest and the other 2...the op using 2 rigs
would ALWAYS beat the 1R op....no question..


I just feel that SO2R should have their own category so we all could play
against our peers...1R against 2R in the same category leaves the 1R ops
always underneath them...


I have nothing against SO2R...and may even go that route someday..but as it
stands now...the playing field is severely tilted....and the battles for the
top is ALWAYS buy the single ops running 2 or more rigs. That's just fact.


The classic category is a step in the right direction but it should be for
the duration of the contest and not limited to 24 hrs..


I know I am far from alone in the SO2R/1R thoughts...


Mike W2GR



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SO2R is no different than big antenna farms vs. modest ones.  Or great
locations vs. challenged ones.  They all clearly tilt the playing field, but
I don't think they "pervert the game".

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