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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
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As Mike has indicated there are ini file settings that affect the display of 
the Rttyrite CW window.  First the short vertical bar always displays the 
center frequency of the window.  The window itself has a span of +/- 250Hz 
from this center frequency.  In my ini file, in the [Rttyrite] section, I 
have CW_XMIT_FREQ=700 as my startup setting.  This means the CW window will 
display RX waveforms from 450 Hz to 950 Hz.  To see the long vertical line 
in the window your cw receive frequency must be between these two limits. 
If not, the vertical bar is outside the visible portion of the window.

My Icom 7600 has a CW PTICH knob on the front panel that is used to adjust 
the CW tone level.  I prefer a higher tone than Mike so my ini setting is 
CW_RECV_FREQ= 675.  His CW_RECV_FREQ=420 would not display in my window with 
the TX freq = 700 as it is just below the lower limit of cw window display 
span.  My RX frequency displaces the taller vertical bar somewhat to the 
left of the short center bar.  I never adjust the CW PITCH setting on the 
radio, but if a received cw signal is off the tall vertical bar I use the 
RIT to move the wave form closer to that bar.  The Rttyrite window will 
decode signals that are a bit off either side of the tall bar, but those 
that are too far off must be tuned in closer with the RIT.  Most of the time 
I can decode those signals by ear, but if they are way off I must use RIT to 
get them closer to the tall vertical bar so they will decode correctly in 
the window and in my ears.

As for Mike's observation that the Rttyrite window allows text to flow too 
far right to sometimes be visible, I have always noted the same thing. 
Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a way to correct the way the line 
wraps when it reaches the end of the window.  It appears that it will wrap 
mid-string of the text rather than wrap that complete "word" to the next 
line.  I have found that if a call has been color coded by SCP and then 
wraps part of the call to the next line, that I can left click on either 
portion of the highlighted text and get the complete call string to populate 
the CALL field of the Entry window ok.  Other text, like a name or serial 
number, is inconsistent probably because of the location of other characters 
in the text string such as spaces or garbage characters.  Sometimes it 
works, sometimes not.

Gary AL9A

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Hi Paul,

I seem to remember having that same problem. I'm sure the gibberish is
related to the fact that the yellow line is not over the signal being
decoded. Here's how I corrected the problem. On the small window that shows
the incoming signal display there is a box showing the sidetone frequency.
You want it to agree with the sidetone you have selected for your rig. For
example, I use a K3 which has a selectable sidetone and mine is set to 420
Hz. When I changed the signal display window frequency to 420 the signal I
was listening to now falls directly over the yellow line.

WriteLog should then transfer this information to the ini file so that the
program will reopen with your preferred sidetone frequency. Here are the two
lines that seem to be affected in the ini file.

I hope you don't mind my adding a related question to your thread. You may
have noticed the same problem. The CW-Rttyrite window that displays the
scrolling text allows the text to flow too far to the right before it rolls
over to a new line. It never fails that the text I want to read has been
hidden and there is no scroll bar on the bottom of the window to be able to
access it. It doesn't seem to be affected by spaces (or lack of spaces)
between characters. I've tried different widths of the window and the
problem seems unfixable. Any suggestions?

Mike K2MK


From:     Paul Kern via WriteLog <writelog at contesting.com>
Date:     Sun, 11 Jan 2015 00:48:18 +0000 (UTC)

I finally figured out why I had no feed to the CW receiver Window - needed
go to the Sound Board setup but my CW Receiver window display does not look
like the one in the manual.  I have two peaks on either side of the center
marker.  Cannot get the peak to fall on the yellow line.  Also it seems to
either no decoding or just gibberish of mostly "E's" and "I's".  Any
thought's?  I have also submitted this to WriteLog Support.
Paul  NK4P

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