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Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Sat Jan 17 15:00:39 EST 2015

You will need to find a way - either through the mouse driver for your
keyboard/mouse or a key mapper - to map the Scroll Up and Scroll Down
events to keystrokes to activate the commands.

However, unlike Kenwood, Flex, & Elecraft, in which RD;/RU; with no
parameters moves the RIT one step (10 Hz), it looks like Yaesu needs
an offset which may make RIT "uncontrollable".


   ... Joe, W4TV

On 2015-01-17 2:35 PM, Courtney Judd wrote:
> Hi Joe, took your advice and looked in the FT2000 CAT operations manual
> and sure enough I found that it is possible to control the RIT control
> using CAT control:
> RD is SET    1   2   3     4     5    6
>                      R   D   P1  P1  P1  P1
> where P1= 0000-9999 hz
> RU is identical except 2 is U
> Looks like that ability is there , but I have no idea on how to get
> writelog to use this.  Any ideas? I am using FT2000D, microKeyer2 to
> computer with Writelog 11.19 and I want to map these commands to the
> scroll wheel on the keyboard!
> tnx Cort K4WI
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