[WriteLog] MOUSE_WHEEL_HZ with K3

Courtney Judd k4wi at k4wi.net
Sun Jan 25 15:55:12 EST 2015

Dana, with my FT2000D I got all the way up to 1000hz with no luck other 
than it would move 10 hz at a time. What I really would like is some way 
to map my scroll wheel to the RIT to move it up/down with %O setting it 
back... but I guess that is not in the cards right now. GL 73's Cort K4WI

> Dana Roode K6NR <mailto:dana.roode at gmail.com>
> Sunday, January 25, 2015 2:14 PM
> Folks - do any of you have MOUSE_WHEEL_HZ set to something other than 10
> and have that working with a K3? I can make it work with other rigs but no
> matter what I set the value to with my K3 I get 10hz tuning steps. I
> experimented with this a few years ago and concluded it was a bug. But
> perhaps one of you K3 owners knows the trick to make it work.
> Dana
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