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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Jan 25 18:22:34 EST 2015


I think WriteLog is very forgiving as to what call sign is actually used 
when running the program.  Essentially, it doesn't care what call is being 
sent.  Many guys seldom upgrade their version of WL and continue to use it 
without a problem long after it has been supplanted by more recent upgrades 
even if they have changed calls since it was first purchased.  However, if 
you want to download an update under a new call then that is a different 
ball game.

I used WriteLog's DXpedition module when I ran as W1AW/KL7 without any 
problems.  When exporting a .adi file from WL it only contains the details 
of each QSO recorded in the log.  This does not include the operator's call 
that was actually being sent.  So in my WL version that is registered to 
AL9A the adi output file of the W1AW/KL7 log doesn't contain either call. 
There are three key issues to understand though.

First, what is the log going to contain?  Is this log going to be used by 
all the various guest ops or is each guest op going to have his own log?  If 
it is to be a single log, as most contest logs are so they will dupe 
correctly, just give it a name representative of the contest being run and 
perhaps the year in the file name.  If each guest op will be running his own 
log, then each one should be named differently, probably containing the 
guest ops call in the file name.  If the guest op doesn't have an AK call 
and will be signing W7XYZ/KL7 or KL7/W7XYZ it doesn't matter to WL.  After 
his operating stint is over he can export the adi file from his log and take 
it home with him to import into his own logger if he wants.  How that logger 
treats this data is another issue.

Second, the really important issue is the [Multipliers] section of the ini 
file.  The variable CallPrefix= is used to determine the DXCC country where 
the operation is occurring.  Mine says CallPrefix=AL9A which WL uses to 
determine I'm operating from AK.  However, if I want to take a rig and 
computer with WL on it to HI on my next vacation and operate a contest from 
there I should change this variable to CallPrefix=KH6.  If you're going to 
Australia change it to CallPrefix=VK.  Regardless of who is on the mike or 
the key this is needed to correctly score your points in WL during the 
contest.  This is also important if you intend to upload to LOTW as you will 
need to obtain a new TQSL certificate for the DX operation.

Third, is the issue of the Cabrillo output for contest log submission.  If 
your guest ops create their own individual Cabrillo files the header will 
contain the values setup in your ini file.  You can either change the ini 
file settings in the [Report] section for CALL, name, address, etc., or edit 
the Cabrillo files after they are created, but before being submitted.  This 
is probably the easier option as it avoids multiple changes to the ini file.

Finally, if you are going to have guest ops during a SSB contest and are 
using wav audio files for a DVK, check out the WL Help manual sections about 
Wave File Locate and Entry Change Operators.  These sections tell how each 
individual operator can record his own audio wav files pre-contest and save 
them in a specific directory location known by WL.  Then during the contest 
as each operator takes over he can Change Operators which tells WL to use 
his audio files for the DVK and also record his individual operator call in 
the OPERATOR column of the log.  This is great for having the audio wav file 
actually match the voice of the operator and it makes it easy to identify 
which operator worked any given call in the log.  This is a great feature 
for mult-ops or Field Day use.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] Callsign change

This problem has surfaced its ugly head this past few days and need to find
out how others handle this issue.

How do I change my call sign within the software?  I'm guessing I can't?
It's branded into the software when you purchase the registration?  Correct?

So what do others do when they have guest operators show up and want to
operate using writelog and their call sign; special events or having four
guest operators stop by in 3 days. The variable "mycall" is now set to my
KL1JP. What if I want to operate as W1AW/KL7 and use my writelog software
which is registered to KL1JP.  Do I need to buy writelog in bulk?


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