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Upon further review, I've reread the section of the WL Help manual about the 
Entry/Change Operators... function.  Sounds like this might be just what 
you're for when you have guest ops.  The interesting thing is this works for 
all modes, not just SSB.

When you start the log just click on Entry/Change Operators... and enter the 
call of the first op.  This adds a new column to the log - OPERATOR.  As 
each contact is logged the operators call, which may be something other than 
the call being sent, is logged in the OPERATOR field.  When you change ops 
just click on Entry/Change Operators... again and enter the new ops call. 
Now his call is logged as OPERATOR for each QSO.

When this option is used WL creates a folder in the default wav file 
directory named with the operators call.  These folders can be created ahead 
of time or let WL do it on the fly when operating.  As noted above this will 
work for CW and/or RTTY modes.  However, if it is a SSB contest and there is 
no folder that actually contains wav files for playback by the DVK a press 
of an F key will probably result in an error message that the wav file for 
that F key cannot be found.  If Record On the Fly, RTF, works with your 
setup you could have each op create the wav files he would use with the DVK 
as he needs them and then have them play back over the air.  Pretty neat 

Gary AL9A

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Finally, if you are going to have guest ops during a SSB contest and are
using wav audio files for a DVK, check out the WL Help manual sections about
Wave File Locate and Entry Change Operators.  These sections tell how each
individual operator can record his own audio wav files pre-contest and save
them in a specific directory location known by WL.  Then during the contest
as each operator takes over he can Change Operators which tells WL to use
his audio files for the DVK and also record his individual operator call in
the OPERATOR column of the log.  This is great for having the audio wav file
actually match the voice of the operator and it makes it easy to identify
which operator worked any given call in the log.  This is a great feature
for mult-ops or Field Day use.

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