[WriteLog] WriteLog 11.27 now available!

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Fri Jul 3 12:59:03 EDT 2015

Goetz and Steve,

I just installed WL 11.27H for my IC-7600 and the %O command works, but not 
in the way expected.  Instead of merely clearing RIT it turns RIT off!  If 
you need to use RIT again you must press the RIT button on the radio to turn 
it back on.  Then it comes back on with the previous RIT offset that was in 
place when %O turned it off!  So then you must either press CLEAR or 
manually tune the RIT from its retained offset to the new offset needed. 
This is not helpful.

It appears there is a bug in this commands behavior as the RIT is not 
cleared, but merely turned off with the offset retained in memory.  This 
makes using %O more difficult than just having to manually press the CLEAR 
button.  At least then the RIT is reset to zero and remains on for the next 
time it is needed.  Unless there is a new % command to clear the RIT that 
the release notes do not mention this is pretty much a useless improvement.

Gary AL9A

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Hello all,

how can I activate the new RIT clear command for recent ICOM rigs (IC7600, 
7700 etc.)?
Where in the manual is the explanation hidden?
On my IC-7700 (Firmware 2.1) %O does not clear the RIT.

73 de Goetz DJ3IW

> WriteLog 11.27 includes the following new features/fixes:
> * Add RIT Clear command for recent ICOM rigs (7600, 7700,
>   7800, 7850, 7851).
> * Add IC-7100
> Steve N9OH & Wayne W5XD

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